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The milk we make available (both the milk we have in store and the milk available through the Cypress Raw Milk Co-op) is “A2” meaning that, in contrast to most milk produced in the United States, it has the same protein as human, goat’s, or sheep’s milk. Most people who have been told that they are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy are able to enjoy our milk.

The honey we have in store comes from bees feeding on flower nectar, not sugar water or, worse yet, corn syrup (which makes them sick). We do not carry bee pollen, royal jelly, or honey comb as we believe that harvesting those substances from the bees might, over time in commercial quantities, put a strain on the health of the hive or the species. Bees forage as far as five miles from their hives, so we get honey from a property large enough to protect them from neighbors’ pesticides or GMO crops. 

All artisan food products are locally made with the highest quality ingredients and traditional processes! The cheese is made from grass-fed raw milk and is properly aged, the sourdough bread is properly slow fermented at room temperature for 12 hours for maximum digestibility. We can help you with artisan quality probiotics such as lacto-fermented vegetables, European style milk kefir, and water kefir, too.  When it comes for farmers market quality and beyond including pastured and grass fed in the Houston area, we've got you covered.  We're not your typical grocery store.

Check Out Our Great Pastured Products in a Grocery Store-type Setting

Local A2 Milk


A2 milk refers to the protein in the milk.  The A2 protein is identical to human milk.  Most milk sold at stores is A1.  But, people who can't consume A1 milk are often just fine with A2 milk. That's one reason we carry it at our farmers market style store.  We also carry this farmer's market quality milk in our grocery style store because of its quality and the rancher's production standards. This milk (from grass fed pastured cows) is low temperature pasteurized, whole, non-homogenized milk, and we are a drop off for a raw milk co-op (special order only for raw milk). We are the only place that carries this milk in the Houston, Cypress, The Woodlands area.

Richardson Farms

Artisan Bread


Our artisan bread maker properly long ferments her sourdoughs at room temperature for 12 hours for our Houston, Cypress, and The Woodlands clients.  This means they are much more easily digestible.  Many people who haven't been able to eat bread in ages do well with her bread.  Even her yeasted breads are longer fermented than usual.  Her breads are available only by special order and in our farmers market style store on the weekends!  Compare the ingredients in her bread to any in the grocery store.  Her bread is free from things it doesn't need and from things that don't have to be listed on the ingredient list.

The Nourishing Kitchen

Organic Cheese


We get cheese for our farmers market style store from Brazos Valley Cheese in Waco.  Their cheeses are award winning and are made from local, pastured, grass fed, raw milk and are aged European style in an underground cheese cave unlike most of what you can get at big chain grocery stores.  Look for other artisan cheeses as we grow, including, at some point, goat cheese.  They do tours and would be a great day trip from Houston, Cypress, or The Woodlands

Brazos Valley cheese

Farm Fresh Veggies


The organic label doesn't necessarily mean vegetables are the quality you would expect at the regular grocery store or even at farmers market.  Many harmful substances are used on "organic" vegetables, but our primary vegetable vendor, Albert doesn't use harmful chemicals on his vegetables.  He has a plot of land right here on site, and another plot with a  green house in Waller to grow clean, healthy, top quality vegetables for lucky customers in the Houston, Cypress, and The Woodlands.

Houston Gardening Market

Grass Fed Pastured Beef


The grass fed and pasteured labels can be misleading, too.  But, we carry truly pastured, rotationally grazed, grass-fed Black Angus beef.  We have had customers say that it is as good as the Wagyu beef they have been buying. This spectacular beef is a well kept secret not even mentioned on their website!

The Jersey Barnyard

Pastured Chicken


Chickens are a labor of love.  They are very labor intensive. The chicken we carry tastes like chicken!  But, it is only available in a few places- like here.

Fresh Pastured Eggs


  Pastured chickens' pens must be moved everyday, but the flavor is superior!

Three Sister Farms

Local Honey


This honey comes from bees that forage on flowers, not bees that are heavily supplemented with sugar wager or corn syrup (which makes them sick).  

Rudy's Honey

Pastured Pork


Pastured pork is allowed to mature longer, so it is more flavorful.  We have delicious bacon and award winning market quality and beyond at our store!

Probiotic Products


Probiotic foods are those that repopulate your system with all the micro-organisms that are supposed to be there but are slowly being destroyed by packaged foods, antibiotic use, pollution, and modern stress.  Even our emotional health can be affected by the state of micro-organisms in our bodies.  Recharge with artisan, farmers market quality products such as kefir and kimchi!  The only place we make these products available is at our location, convenient to Houston, Cypress, and The Woodlands. What you get at the regular grocery store just isn't the same quality.

Kadee Skincare



Our skin absorbs things right into our bodies, so why would we put anything on it that isn't safe to eat? 

Also, our skin an organ that works  together with hair and nails to provide protection from injury and fluid loss and provide physical defense against infection by microorganisms.  

Taking gentle, loving care of our systems is a way of telling our bodies that we love life and that we are here for them which increases the likelihood that they will do their jobs well.

Kadee Beauty

Farm Dirt and Compost


Smells like real dirt!  You can plant directly in it or use it as mulch / fertilizer.  This super high quality garden product is made from local organic material properly composted.  LOL, it's farmers market quality dirt, and we are one few locations in the Houston, Cypress, The Woodlands areas to offer it.  Other than our grocery style store, only hardware and gardening stores carry it!

Houston Farm Dirt

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